Samsung C&T America, Inc.  


“Samuel is an effective, dedicated, and intelligent lawyer who is very responsive to clients. He provides high quality lawyering at a cost-effective price. He is an excellent litigator and obtains great results for his clients. For example, he was able to quickly secure a TRO for us in a matter that was very important to our company.”


Deborah Verdile — General Counsel, Samsung C&T America, Inc.

JD Fields & Company Inc. 


“For years, Samuel has given JD Fields outstanding legal advice. We rely on him regularly for important company matters.”  


Jay Fields — President/COO, JD Fields & Company Inc.

Empire Torque Tools, LLC


“Samuel is an outstanding lawyer with off the chart skills and attention to detail. His approach to cases is innovative and creative. He fights to win and not just settle the case. The best lawyer I have ever hired by far with exceptional talent and knowledge of the law.”


Tom Kubala — Owner, Empire Torque Tools, LLC

Pro Bono Client 


“Samuel, you are a very compassionate and exceptional attorney with a lot to offer. We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and friendship. You know people say “no such things as Angels” but we can assure them that we have one, and have been blessed since we met you.” 


Pro Bono Client — Appointed Managing Conservator of Abandoned Child